EDENBRAY in EXILE – 8 – red moon

‘Edenbray in Exile’

A Retrospective Anthology of Poetry, Articles and Essays

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I whispered sweet words to the moon

and the sun glowered red and full of envy

I walked on top of walls, humming forgotten tunes

I had learned when I was young

I craved for ice cream, bought picture postcards

and ran splashing in sand puddles

My oldest thought was ‘Damn, is this day dying

and it has only just begun?’

‘I must remember to get up early in the morning

and make friends again with that coldest sun’

Melon, aspic and iced water – I made the mistake

of staring back at that old rubber balloon

Bouncing around in the mirror of winter’s cobalt sky

so high, so blushed, so easy on the eye

My sweet Alexandra, Dianthe, Helene, sirens three

maiden companions waiting out in the open sea

 They escort the swells and their assault upon star-

carved lovers – letters in their black ebony souls

The soft, wooly hearth of my true loves heart

so open, raw o’-red, nestled in our future bed

We just orphans of this love-lost earth now bridled

by our common lust, inflamed and swollen

Nature’s guardians of our future fate with words

we wrote together in the face of shame

Forgetful of the sadness, anguish, travail

that lovers learn and wear so bravely

Yet we surely the pierced ears bloody of our

current flag, our romance, passions sorbet

Yes, we do not forget our wanton dancing

nor how to laugh – symbolic, poetic, carnal, free

I now a lovers master where Seville oranges,

champagne, sheets fragrant and cotton down

Do tend a narrow garden, wipe out your sorry pain

and the wind gusting covers this captains frown







This rivals the song of Solomon! And echoes the book of Ecclesiastes. Youth worn and beheld like an old penny in a lost pocket. I love the use if all five senses and the feeling of walking alone and remembering. – Jessica Renea 19.09.2012

#Authors Note ~ The Red Moon is a Celebration of Life, Freedom and Pleasure – It originally seemed to me, when considering whether it should be included in my latest Retrospective Anthology, somewhat incongruous to re-post in relief – such a liberal expression of fun-filled, romantic and personal freedom and at this most restrictive and sad time in our currently virus-affected and constrained lives but then, as always, I rallied and decided nevertheless we need to be reminded of our ‘normal’ lives before we forget what they were and also to honour those sick and dying who today would love to remember, if they could, with fondness – times of joy-filled freedom. We dishonour them if we did not at least try to remember happier days that we hopefully shall all see again. Please read, try to enjoy and if you do then please leave a quiet ‘like’ for me below.     Thanks ~ edenbraytoday

‘Joie de Vivre’ 

 I made the mistake

of staring back at that old rubber balloon

Bouncing around in the mirror of winter’s cobalt sky



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