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As long as you sleep .. . As long as you sleep   I will watch over you   to warn you of the crashing waves   the march of time   relentless in its disdain of life Your caustic … Continue reading

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. .. picture postcard album .. . . .. some are yellowed, some are straighta few hardly come into viewthey are lost somewhere in Jonah’s etherat the bottom of the whalein the slime that’s part digestedpicture postcards leave a trail … Continue reading

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iguana territory .. . it is latewind-chill factor colder than Septemberin the late, dark night the iguana ever bolderdoes not venture out the iguanais a solitary beastas spies pass messages to one another before the dawn risethey keep each other … Continue reading

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the the

If I were born today a newborn creaturehanging out from my mothergangling on the floormuch like I ever waswhen my mother birthed meugly, wet, covered in blood, mucous, bodily functionsthe effluence of my short lifeI’m a writer, I am an … Continue reading

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