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WHAT’S ALL THIS FUSS? (extended Batty edition)

WHAT’S ALL THIS FUSS?! Batty edition…. All this fuss over Charles Bukowski most of his life no one knew who he was working in diners washing dishes any work that he could get living like a cockroach hid from society … Continue reading

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Naked and Unashamed .. . I run free my pieces jangling   run to the crashing sea I run shouting unashamed   my arms vainly embracing the moon   the wind grazing my flesh I run still wondering   in … Continue reading

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.. The Paper Boy .. . .     …   …   …   .                   I had been a compulsive since I was seven    or was it seventeen?    we … Continue reading

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Amateurs Unite!   … … … My whole life I have been dogged by the concept of the expert, drugged the so-called professional, the know it-all, who surround themselves with their own cacophony of self deceit, inflated and exaggerated flattery self masturbators, … Continue reading

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Oh! and Oh again! I had been instructed under pain of a certain kind of  punishment to ingratiate my humanness, write boldly within a stream of consciousness maybe a modicum of winsomeness, fuck-fuck candydaddy humour and the certainty of truthfulness, … Continue reading

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