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THE SWITCH IN OUR HEADS .. a simple tale of anger & subterfuge Marlon fingered the marbled, glass cubes he held in his other hand His fingers explored the shallow dints like he was feeling his woman’s body He enjoyed … Continue reading

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Facing Up (YOU BROKE MY HEART) … I CAN’T SAY ‘You broke my heart’ It hurts me too much I never knew you, we never spoke I never knew you that much .. .. The world it’s turning slowly Each … Continue reading

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And Another Thing .. . .   Our expectations dwindle as we grow older which is a sad thing. We should always expect more than we can accomplish and reach for the unattainable. Like a relay-runner stretches to grasp the baton … Continue reading

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Nineteen I said when I was nineteen I would lead a useful life. Throw off the angst of adolescence, become a man of endeavour and history but do we ever really achieve? Even when we have scaled the walls of … Continue reading

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. .. feel   . .. When you can’t see you long to look through wooden blinds, an open book When you can’t hear you yearn to listen waiting for falling snow to glisten When you can’t speak you want … Continue reading

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