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TO Celebrate the occasion I am re-posting all eleven parts  –  Today it is BALADINS DREAM  ~ Part VII ~ BARAHZUIN


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by edenbray




Authors note ~

The LEGEND of Baladin continues apace with this unusual comedic ditty that details the time Baladin spent in the Yukon Valley, ever a writers paradise and famous for its Tales of the Klondike.

This is Part VII of the Omnibus that is ‘The Tales of Baladin’. The chapters or parts were not recorded or written in a chronological order! As with other pieces it includes an unspoken and personal tribute ~ on this occasion to the respected writer Jack London and his snowy tales that I so loved as a child.

It also speaks of Manitok, Baladin’s Eskimo bride who bore Baladin his only known child, to develop the myth of the man and add to his remarkable story!

Welcome, then to the famous tale of  The “Ba-rai-zuin” and how he met his sorry end.








He fought the Ba-rai-zuin when the snow was thick n’ chillin’

He journeyed a’top the western slopes, his husky pack a’skewin’

He bought a musket from a store where th’whusky wasa’ brewin

He Slew the Bah-rai-Zuin


Nor many months his honey chile had been gently ‘picininnis’


So he took him a jug, 1/2 a pig-hog and a length of beef jerky

fa’ tha’ chewin’

The ole smokestack was nae’ cold from the biddy and the engine

it were slewin’

DemBala, he slew the Bah-rai-Zuin


He panned for gold by the River Shore where dem’ grey fish

die a’ queue-in’

Yet these tales he told to the worn an’ bold did not go

down real well in tha’ tellin’

Till he told them all of his miraculous fall wi’ Jud,

down the jag’d falls of E’rin

By that time they kinda’ already knew,

who slew the Bah-rai-Zuin


Manitok ~ ‘is Rugged’, she bore him tha’ child he loved,

his virgin bride her eyes so wide

Two weeks later down in the northern range his ‘Creedmor’

and two bearskins by his side

A fren’ brought news of ‘Manirik’ ~ his sweet-soft ‘panik’ an’

Baladin, he done broke down and cried

Who slew the Bah-rai-zuin!


Ole’ Porcupine has ice that makes a’cut in Yukon terri-tory

as summer bees are clustrin’

They fight to keep ‘us’ warm, not freeze, yet starve beyon’

tha blu’ Mackenzie Mount’n

Where Baladin has wrestled cold and spied the Alligator’s

Ash, one-part the ‘Ring of Fire’

an’ quenched the Bah-rai-zuin ~ his blood desire’


Who’s howl awakened death, brought tha’ wind to heel,

where blood runs to cold in night-light

For pirates of the Klondyke, this creature wore

their match and sent many home to town

DemBala the wolf-master,  he tamed the pack by stealth

for only he knew a killing grasp

He who slew the Bah-rai-zuin ~ stone dead!



written 18.03.2012



… thanks for listening!

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