Howl Twice .. .


We met this side of dawn
neat satchels on our backs
to search and find Zanadu
people knew as East Ewell
in what was known then as
‘the stockbroker belt’ of the
sprawl that was Lond-on

No one planned which way
that together we should go
each step along the path
was democratically decided
we were a union of brothers
for one momentous day we
spent away from our fathers


when did we take a wrong turn
when did the path lead us from the track
for the sorrow that now we must unlearn
for what we ever thought was fact
or that we thought was ever true
like capitalism
is the fairest monetary system
like capitalism is fair and just at all
like capitalism shares wealth and opportunity with the masses
  with both the haves and the have-nots
whereas capitalism means more than ever
  that those who have more for themselves
  for their children and their children’s children
  will always have more
and those who have less… and their children
  will generally always have less
  that an intellectual mind like Karl Marx was considered evil
  or that there was ever such a thing as communism
  when Marx was only a philosopher
  who wrote a philosophy
  much like Charles Darwin had been a naturalist,
  a geologist and a biologist who wrote a proposition
  it too was originally branded evil
  yet now most everyone accepts it is true
  that democracy it has been decreed
  by those unseen powers that be 
  provides the accepted key
  to determine the fairest form of government and order
  yet democracy is a fucking hypocrite
  a fucking liar and is often corrupted
  by those who stand to make the most gain
  democracy continually administers out pain
  to the weakest of our numbers
by that same rule of thumb that states
  the strongest will survive
  the fittest are the ruling class
  by capitalism’s order
  the weak get transient lift or push
  from democracy’s shoulder
  that writers like Allen Ginsberg have been dredged
  their words have been murdered
  of what they tried to say
  theirs was not considered poetic or decent
  who spoke for one week
  within the pantheon of the hugest time
  because their words did not rhyme enough
  or ring just once the Philadelphia bell
  that mankind’s religions often hide
      the true heart of God
  within its schisms, its annexes and prejudicial order
  whereas true religion and undefiled
  says we should visit the fatherless
    and widows in their affliction
  and keep oneself unspotted from ‘world corruption’
  of capitalism’s disease
  of democracy’s hypocrisy
  of religion’s deceit

When we met the Bluewater
our journey done, we looked
at what 4 boys had become
travellers in space and time
who had fought fear of danger
traversed technologies might
beside roots of nature

We drew maps like geologists
pioneers who plot their route
explorers who traverse trails
carried our supplies in sacks
spoke of where we travelled
when we arrived we were
but 8 years old
when did we take a wrong turn?
when did the path lead us from the track?
for how far civilisation has taken us
for civilisation is not civilised at all
 . .. it has forgotten the joy
  of being young



Author’s Note: Alan Ginsberg’s poetic write – Howl – still provokes thought, analysis and controversy – surely, the focus of the poet.
I suppose this piece is kind of my vain tribute but there is not a word in it that does not make me want to HOWL – howl TWICE and then keep on howling !!!

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