All I see is hatred .. .




(echoes of Masters of War)

I look at your stony face
and all I see is your hatred
the hatred you have unleashed
upon this sad, worried world
not curbed by the reason
some of your people show
which you decry as treason
as you drop another bomb
destroy another hospital
you are cold as morbid death
there’s metal in your eyes
they never must have cried
the hatred you have unleashed
will grow across our planet
your countrymen, your women
will forever more be hated
that same hatred unabated which
poisons cultures everywhere
more cruelty will arise as you
have justified these actions
steel. you give to all tyrants
near and far by your stance
your mind held as in a trance
you have allowed to blind you
  and I hope that you die
  and your death will come soon
  I would follow your casket
  on a pale afternoon
  watch while you are lowered
  down to your deathbed
  and stand over your grave
  until I am sure that you are dead
  there is one thing that I know
  I am just older than you and
  even Jesus himself would not
  forgive what you do




author’s notes

I read things that aren’t nice .. . it is my contention that Putin has stirred a vipers nest of hatred that will only breed yet more hatred throughout the world – weak-minded and vengeful people will enjoy the atrocities being conducted and in turn it will encourage only the savage side of human nature – modern warfare is an evil we can well do without!

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