Another Tale of the Swan-dyke

can u get the sun out 1

Hey ho! the brown hare jumping out of my dreams

Hey ho! brown hare jumping, leaping – so full of schemes

Lost in a reverie down in the farmers field

No need now for brown hare anymore to shield

Hey ho! the brown hare leaping and scheming

Grey hare, brown hare, he’s the bard of the meadow

an aristocrat of the shire, an intelligent fellow

he’s Puck, he’s a Hamlet. he’s a fine Othelo,

March hare mad, he’s Nicollò Machievelli


He’s the Artful Dodger, a free-range lodger,

a ‘rabbit’ you might  even invite to tea

Hey! ho! brown hare down in the farmers field

hopping and dreaming, plotting and scheming

Hey ho! the white owl stuck fast to his tree

and a yellow-beard bobbing like a lost canary

ploughman yellowhammer heard but rarely seen

brown hare working on his hopes and schemes

Hey ho! the brown hare so wise in the morning

wise as a brown owl at new day’s dawning

the buzzard, the owl, the deer and two horses

down by the swan-dyke by the brown water courses

Hey ho! the brown hare jumping with the bees

leaping and scheming, dialectic and free


ref. 16072020

the brown hare







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