dog 2


The dog

A lecture


I’m a dog

I’m a savage dog

A dog that you don’t need

A dog you should not feed

I’m a sad dog

I’m a bad dog

A dog without a tail

I’m a grey dog

I’m a white dog

I’m a black dog

A dog wog

A prairie dog

A dog out on the trail

A dog that still can wail

I’m a rabid dog

A dog full of disease

A dog without a leash                 

Not a love dog

To sit between your knees

Give you all my fleas

If I lay upon my back

You can see my male sack

And tell that I don’t lack

A dog bound to this verse

Stuck within this curse

Riding in a hearse

Impolite and terse

Hang around

– it gets worse!

I’m a tabloid dog

You can read between the lines

I’m a dog that never pines

I never pay my fines

I’m a fierce dog

A wolf-dog

A dog out on the street

A dog with mangy feet

I’m a lone dog

A lost dog

A dog whose on the run

A dog who has no fun

A dog that needs – a gun!

I’m a wild dog

A riled dog

I’d crap upon your floors

Show you then my paws

Right next to my claws!

Fight then for the cause

I’m a mad dog

A dog with a bad grin

A dog thats full of sin

I’m a dog that eats it all

The guts, the legs, the balls

I’m a bold dog

I’m an old dog

I’m a cold dog

A dog thats lost its way

A dog in a manger

A dog who is a stranger

A real lone ranger

Not a farm dog

A sheep dog

Who does what its told

Leads the sheep to the fold

A dog with a bushy tail

I’m a dog you wouldn’t want

A dog out of control

I should live down a hole

I’m a dog


ref. 05072020


English Dictionary definition : Wail ~ a prolonged high-pitched cry of pain, grief, or anger.

a dog 1

its a dogs life

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