Brave New World – THE SECRET POLICEMAN’S BALL – 1970

Brave New World

circa. 1970

5 poems



… … …

The crunch of boot, the truncheon raised

The innocents are rounded, the citizens are saved

The dark suited bobby is a Jack-booted slave

the Kings in court,

defence is Queen,

and justice is their knave

While down on street corners

every night and every day

The trade-off is so carnal,

the captor is so brave

then back at the station,

the rule-book we can wave

Oh Yes! we need our good police force,

we love a decent raid

its the Annual Policeman’s Ball soon

the bills must all be paid

We’re taming the monkey,

the taming of the shrew

Were taming rat and weasel,

were fucking training you!

And why are the people,

all so angry and so mad?

Do they all not realise,

we just abuse the weirdos

the vagrants, commies and the bad?

It isn’t true we’d rather go incognito,

to catch you speeding

than rush and catch an assailant,

whose left his victim bleeding?

And down the street a group of people greet

– ‘Hello’

To shout their frustration for a cause they meet

Till bobby comes along to take away the heat!

In chains of five, or six, or three,

they join the happy flow

with dancing feet in unison,

their all trained to bellow

a screamed – ‘Hello, Hello, Hello,’

‘Hello, Hello, Hello – enough, enough!’

the Partizaned are all removed

Enough, enough

‘Lets use the cuffs’

the trouble brewed,

the beacon flared,

our men ensnared,

the teeth were bared,

the fuse was lit …

… … … and then … and then

… and then

tjientjien !


Case number: 24062020

~ 50 year anniversary ~

#Authors Note ~ The poem is modelled on a piece I wrote around 1970. everyman was originally one of five diverse poems that were accepted for a published Anthology entitled something like – ‘This Britain’ which went on sale to the general public at that time. It was an Anthology of collected poetry that was intended to reflect the inner soul of the society of that day. It was multi-cultural and reflected work from the broadest possible section of 1970’s Britain – all ages, sexes, ethnicity, political or religious standpoints but the poetry although diverse included works of a recognised literary standard and became an important historic and cultural recorded document. I would love to obtain another copy.

The Secret Policeman’s Ball was the third piece of five I wrote which included four other Poems that together challenged the society of the time; social values, politics, law & order, police brutality and law enforcement, drug use and abuse, life experience including faith, religion and prejudice among other powerful issues. 

The Poems themselves were regrettably mislaid around 1973/74 and I have since made repeated attempts to rewrite them – if not word for word – then with the aim of capturing the same forthright views, the optimism, verve, colour and intensity that I remember they were so brim full of. I was 19/20 years old!

This re-write has deliberately followed the style of the original and in the current light of feeling re. police hostility in the U.S.A  (ref. George Floyd) it may seem a little trite, almost whimsical or ‘Pythonesque’ in comparison. However, this is the feel I gave it then as it reflected the hippy-like sense of irony that was the ‘urban’ of the time. Fortunately, the majority of our police in the UK do not behave as we have seen on the ‘News’ currently but the potential lies within and that is the demon hidden in the piece.  

These re-written and now completed pieces I hope apply themselves to society today making them as pertinent, relevant and I hope profound as I believe the original collection were that I wrote 50 years ago

I now call these Poems my personal “Brave New World” Poem Collection and I hope to publish the remaining four re-writes on this Blog-site very shortly under that same heading. I offer them to you dear reader with my best, heartfelt wishes! –   


Ref. 26052020

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