Originally written and posted ~ 08/29.04.2012 – Re-posted – 04.01.2020 as part of an Edenbray Retrospective

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he waited for her on the corner

                                                  on the corner of a black cloud

where he caught sight of her            

                 talking with friends         

                                                     walking with friends

from the factory in a grey blue tunic

                       they wear to protect their clothes

                                                   his love precluded, his temerity excluded

he walked on alone … and lonely

       to where the maidens gather

                                            the maidens gentle who chitter chatter

                      in his head and in his mind

and thoughts expressed, so full, so kind

                               and the love that makes you blind 

A cold wind blew that night

                                 in Rempala Mews when he saw the girl

the girl with the straight black hair

                      a heart of gold … a heart of treasure

                 who stole his own without a care

and when he told her the time of day

                               she laughed and made him smile

                                      as though he cried,

               as though his soul near died

with the plaster on the wall crumbling

                            and he just one more day troubled

                                        without the girl he loved

                     his stomach doubled

                  for that girl for whom he cared

that midnight tale, this august hail

                                 it whips and whistles across a warmer wind

and sleights the meaning

         of our honest feelings

  the night his soul he bared

and stepped from fear, the cage

          to confront the ghosts of deceit

and treachery and betrayal and rage

there where on the corner 

                             on the corner of the street

               a morbid dog with skulking ways

and knotted fur in the street light shining

where streaks the rain

         describing only a cowed lovers pain

free now to run away a drain pipe drain

                    I’d wait for thee upon this palest corner

I’d be thee a friend till hell has frozen over

                     and all I have for thee is promise golden

                             with not a single treachery or lies

                     no sad surprise

my sweet lady factory worker

… … …





jessica phiri says:

O my God this is beautiful.


#Authors note ~ I wrote this as an attempt to get inside ‘feeling’. A lot of my work around this time centred on unrequited, jilted, unfulfilled love. A love that cannot be, may still be alive?

Here is a story written in my own fairly unique and developed ‘jazz’ -style that I had attempted and experimented with before – By using a different kind of prose spacing and very little punctuation it allows a staccato, raw, stripped-down kind of analysis in words, an attempt to un-hinge the reader and make themselves seem more like an innocent bystander and not a voyeur.

There is a vague feeling engendered in the piece to indicate maybe there is a dog involved or maybe just a star-crossed lover, both, or maybe they are one and the same who wait patiently at the corner of Rempala Mews just hoping to catch a sight of the object of their infatuation and love as she returns home weary and dirty from her factory occupation. Not sure she would welcome his advances right now but under the right conditions you just never know ?? ~ … … …     edenbray today

#PROG-PROSE ~ Progressive Poetry – part of an #Edenbray retrospective – Re-posted today for a new generation!

About edenbray

I am a writer ... a beat poet who began writing poetry way back in 1966 ... 'edenbray is born ugly, wet, covered in blood, mucous & bodily functions, the effluence of my short life' ... I recently published my 1st solo Anthology - the best of 60 years writing - previously I ran my own Art Supplies Store for 40 yrs before I became a full-time writer I am a Blogger who has posted 1,000 poems - available in 24 themed booklets ... please ask for details + leave a 'like' or a comment for my encouragement, thank you so much for listening - I truly value your opinion on my work ~ in fact I literally survive on your creative input ~ edenbray
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