Originally written and posted – 31.01.2012 – Re-posted – 19.12.2019 as part of an Edenbray Retrospective ~ an example of Jazz Poetry

… … …

The ~ So Long Blues

I bin’ searchin’ and hungrin’ so long

Keeps’a lookin’ for the end … of the trail

and all I see’s is more grey, muddy water

more pale, scales – pictures o’ ma’ daughter

doin’ things, sayin’ things, she ain’t oughtta’

My life!? I bin’ kickin’ stones since I were six

Walkin’ roads with this train tumblin’ after

Smoke train, cattle train, gridded an’ cold

while I’s bin’ searching for that cave full o’gold

an’ I knows its round here some place, baby!

My pappy he once hit me round the face

Says, now son listen, this is just to tell you

Ain’t no one knows you better than your sell’

When you is on your knees, that is the safest place

Now get up son and be a MAN sometime!

I bin’ travellin’ on my knees for a lo-ong time

I bin’ tryin’ to be good, like my pappy

Een’ though that double ba-stard!

Tricked me an’ ma’ mom and left us

Holding no more than a pile a’ bills and a shack! 

Am’ listenin’ to this good ole’ night owl holler

He over there in them black-green bushes

I like to see them flyin’, cos they do what I cain’

Fly outta this damn place and keep on flyin’

Thass’ what I’d do anyway’s



… nice talkin’




… this is a tribute to Linda Manz who provided the voice over on the genius Terence Mallick piece of art ~ ‘Days Of Heaven’


Linda: This farmer, he had a big spread, and a lot of money. Whoever was sitting in a chair when he’d come around, why they’d stand up and give it to him.

Linda: Wasn’t no harm in him. You’d give him a flower, he’d keep it forever.


This was another example of JAZZ poetry that I wrote at the time – it’s emotive, dramatic, honest, symbolic … what do you think?


#PROG-PROSE ~ Progressive Poetry – part of an #Edenbray retrospective – Re-posted today for a new generation

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