Originally posted on December 12, 2011 – Re-posted – 09.12.2019
part of an Edenbray Retrospective
…. … ..


… … …

I, is a lover not a fighter and I work on trains

My calloused hands happy next to softened skin

Not fingering the trigger, not sighting the kill

Nor riding the bronco, nor the soldiers greed


I’se got two hours in town with a lady of mine

that I met when she needed a friend and I was lonely

We drank bourbon in ‘Huskeys’ and spoke of the future

She then told me of certain things she had lost


I’se wishin’ maybe one day I would settle down

Until I hears that lonely whistle blowin’

and I starts to think again of Sophie-Dawn that girl

I met last summer when the sun was hot in Bakersville


Her hair was auburn and fell down her back like water

We let our passions run in the back of a grey-blue Buick

I promised her I would see her again and she laughed

and said she had more chance of meeting Jesus


The smoke, the oil, the sweat and blackened coal,

The thunder of her loving wheels, this engine smooth

rocks me, soothes me till I’m walking on my knees

and Anna Sway is calling me from Aidan County


Where the bluest mountains rise and the dark river

Deep and meaningful draws my soulful sense

Amid the rumble and the stink of this ashpan hopper

I’se still grip the throttle lever and the crank shifts awkward


The old steam-chest snorts, the eccentric rod

engaged and oiled begins to travel like thunder

Over and beyond the blushing landscape of my hearts ease

Where lace dreams deny the passion of the day


Where young Donna May is living with her mother

or Pieter Gotlander, a childhood bride at 17

who ran away from her murderous husband

He had threatened to kill her, her sister and her lover


I’se a railway man, and I’se seen the sun set in many counties

Here at the dawn of a new America and in June

I saw my first brown bear fishing steelhead at the brow

of those swirling rapids in the cold Muskegon River


I dreams of ladies fair and bare it gets me through this day

and tomorrow is taking care of itself for me I reckie’

I’se a railway tiller, an engineer of silver steel

I’se not in a hurry to get home or afraid to roam


Taking my time, I’se fine, I’se in my prime

Have no hurry even to eat, or catch a bloodied dollar

There was a time when I did it all and some

and learned this engines hard but never cruel


I hope to meet that black hunny Ellie, I met her once in Barry

She wore a fur coat, boots and sucked on candy lolly

and then I let her down one night, got held up

At the dust-ring watching two bloodied rovers fight


I’se a natural liar I learned it from my ma’

Who taught me never take what you can buy

And never borrow what you might steal

Cos’ in the morning there’s a pedlar in us all


Tonight this train is cold, laying on its back

By tomorrow evening I’se have run the derby

Run it there, delivered and collected my prize

These hot wet tears in my eyes just white stains

on some young woman’s dress!

… … …



Jessica Phirri says :- A character, a lonely man. A machine. A lifestyle disconnected, but sewn together by women. There is something about edenbray and the mechanics of living. Another fine tune, my s.m.


#PROG-PROSE ~ Progressive Poetry – part of an #Edenbray retrospective – Re-posted today for a new generation

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