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Facing our History

… … 

I walked down to the sea today

and saw a ship on the horizon

I held my face to the cold, grey wind

and thought of happier days.

Of course the sea – brazen, raw and honest

can be a powerful friend

Yet, I live below its surface

where the dark fish bite

Where lost treasure and squandered moments

lay like basking sharks hungry

I hear and see sad tales and lively stories

of old salts and damaged ladies

How relentless the waves

tossed green-grey and golden

However torrid, spangled, white capped

or laden with deep and murky mystery

This meeting of the ways where

so many pointed moments collide

Where the past is formed, shaped, washed

then purged by natures mother  

I can see the whole roll of  history

from here, spread out before me

The tumbling horses, mossed breakers,

sea washed milestones like sentinels

Timeframes: sticky posts, where the past

spills out like discoloured photographs

The sum of our hidden, saved and

universal, collective memories

I always touch the shoreline to

‘fold away’ now Sunday tea is cleared

There are none others with me

upon this desolate beach

While so many thoughts and persons

do sunder and suffer in this abyss of memory

. . .




Authors note :- This poem was written at a time of personal reflection after illness and it deals with a recurring theme in much of my work :-

‘We were born involved with one another’

My history, your history – although relatively very dissimilar can become curiously enmeshed quite suddenly when we begin to be honest with each other and reveal the people that we are and those fundamentals that have effected all peoples from all walks of life begin to appear from the murky past of our human histories’.

– Deep maybe – but entirely fascinating as are we all – Hope you enjoy –



#PROG-PROSE ~ Progressive Poetry – part of an #Edenbray retrospective – Re-posted today for a new generation

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