you are a rock to me

…   …   …

 …  I will return to remind thee, you are still as my elder sister …

. ..

Ρretty thee and charming, your smile disarming

ξÐÎΝβνΓςΗ, handsome as a gypsy’s Queen and

greener than a summer salad set with radishes

and drizzled with italian oil.

You slake my thirst, feed my emptied, hungry soul 

and take my calloused hands in yourn so sweetly.

I have sworn to stand by your ancient turrets

to always give a good, stern report ~ fly the ensign

 buried deep upon your sunnied granite face and

set hard again those chill ΓÛššÎΔΝ winds

that strike September so keenly

or bite the night when swifts still fly.

I am loving thee my royal princess

in tattered shawl your breast just showing.

Your breath fresh as apple cider

your smile birthed in trial you have worn as lovers clothes,

taken his saturday joys, his monday flowers

now so tired and bruised.

Keep my stained memoirs, faded diaries,

grained pencil sketches,

they are not all I have of you,

I kiss your swollen lips

embrace your embroidered hips,

nuzzle the warmth of your velvet bosom

ξdinbvrgh you are as a rock to me aNd I will return

to remind thee you are still as my elder sister,

the staunchest ally, a warrior friend

… then we will sit and talk halfway through the night

as lovers always should do …

.. .




.. .

Jessica Phirri comments on 01/10/2011

love the song. love the poem. as always, you wow me with the visuals.

” your breath fresh as apple cider

your smile birthed in trial that you have worn as lovers clothes,

taken his saturday joys, his monday flowers now so tired and bruised.”

like watching a battered woman make her bed and lie in it and still want to comfort her…… I don’t know. this poem is hitting me at a rough time. america is like an old dog laying on her side breathing rather slow and heavy. so to read this, makes me wish I had real roots.

. ..

On this day 04th July, 2013  –  I dedicate this poem to Jessica Phirri my most trusted critic, literary advisor and a friend

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